Hybrid Wax 150gr


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Expected durability is around 20 washes / 3-4 months / 5000-700km. As it is a hybrid containing both polymers as well as natural waxes, it will come off quite easely with agressive chemicals so it depends a lot on how you wash it.

Application is as with any wax. Apply on a clean and dry surface, apply thinly, let it dry for around 5-10 minutes depending on how thick you applied it and the ambient conditions, buff off with a microfiber. Though we have tested it to be easy to buff off even if you leave it for 30 minutes and even if you apply it abnormally thick, so it is an easy one to use.

For best bonding the surface should be degreased after polishing, but it will work even without degreasing. Without degreasing you might see 15-20% less longevity because of lesser bonding on oily surfaces.

On top of AIO-products and glazes, degreasing should not be necessary, but then we can not comment on the longevity naturally. It depends entirely on the AIO or glaze.

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